Wednesday, February 20, 2013

L'Oreal nail art stickers


L'Oreal Paris recently launched some beautiful nail art stickers.
This product is totally amazing and gorgeous. These nail art stickers give your nails a luxurious makeover.


1. Zero application mistakes. 
2. Very easy to apply.
3. Doesn't require a nail polish remove as u just need to peel them off.

4. Doesn't damage the nails.
5. Fabulous designs - you fall in love.


1. L'Oreal claims up to 10 days of wear, But  the stickers tend to come off within 2-3 days, they may last for few more days provided you don't participate in any house hold work
2. High maintenance.

I recommend you to put these on just before the occasion or before you leave the house.

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