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Rain Forest Volume Shampoo For Fine Hair

Rain Forest Volume Shampoo For Fine Hair 

Hi everyone, i am reviewing Rain Forest Volume Shampoo by The Body Shop. This review will be an eye opener for those who want to buy this product in the near future................

This is a volume enhancing shampoo for fine hair, it gives fuller looking hair with boosted volume and shine without weighing hair down. Rain Forest Volume Shampoo contains Pracaxi oil, guarana seed extract and community fair trade aloe Vera. It's claims to be Eco-friendly and doesn't contain Silicones, sulphates, colorants or parabens.The fact that i love about body shop is they are strictly against animal testing.

After doing some research i decided to fabricate small info about the ingredients that this shampoo contains as many among us don't really know much about Pracaxi oil and guarana seed extract. 

Pracaxi Oil-

  1. Conditions hair.
  2. Makes hair shiny.
  3. Smooths hair.
Guarana seed extract-
This is a herb containing caffeine
  1. Mostly used for treating obesity (helps in weight loss).
  2. Acts as a stimulant and promotes mental alertness.
  3. Cures headaches and migraine.
  4. Found as ingredient in several herbal formulations, energy drinks and protein bars.
I wonder why is it found in this shampoo and what does it do to the hair???? If somebody knows what it does to the hair please let me know.

Aloe Vera-
  1. Increases hair growth.
  2. Moisturizes dry hair and scalp.
  3. Helps in eliminating dandruff.
  4. Reduces hair loss.
There are many other beneficial properties of Aloe Vera but i have listed only those that are related to hair.

Mix in the hands with water to create lather, work through hair and rinse thoroughly. Use in combination with volume conditioner.

QUANTITY- 400 ML (13.5 US FL OZ)


Remove the sticker to get to the ingredients
This product comes in a dark blackish colored opaque bottle with a flip flop cap and is travel friendly. I used this shampoo for a while and it didn't live up to my expectations. Especially after analyzing the ingredients that this product contained i thought it would definitely work on my hair but unfortunately it didn't. It made my hair terrible, it was dry, dull and simply unmanageable. This shampoo doesn't lather much and hence i ended up using excess product.I had to wash my hair every day because if i didn't do so my hair looked dirty and oily.The only thing that i like about this shampoo is it's fantastic fragrance which is simply irresistible. Nonetheless, Rain forest volume shampoo doesn't match up to the claims it makes.

  1. Absolutely amazing fragrance.
  2. Eco-conscious.
  3. Against animal cruelty.
  4. It doesn't contain silicones, sulphates, parabens and colorants.
  1. Makes hair dry.
  2. Doesn't lather well.
  3. Doesn't promote volume or shine to the hair.
  4. Takes a lot of product to wash oiled hair.
  5. Need to shampoo everyday otherwise hair becomes greasy.
  6. Makes hair dull.
  7. Not worth the price.
  • If you have frizzy or dry hair i suggest you better stay from this product.
  • You can try using this Rain Forest shampoo for volume with conditioner but at your own risk.
  • Can be a brilliant birthday present for those whom you don't really like much, trust me they will hate it and you will love that!!!

 Oh ......certainly YES! to all my enemies.


  1. Wow loved the way u click pics! Thanx for the review...Will stay away from this :)

    1. Thanks lot Megha for your lovely comment and yes BEWARE of this product.

  2. Replies
    1. One of the worst hair care product that I have tried so far! So stay away from this one!


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