Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Super Mini Elle18 Haul!

Hello girls, I am having lots fun here in Goa it's a beautiful place and i am madly in love with Goa! I make sure i don't forget to post no matter where i am. I had written this post before i left Pune i.e. on 17th march, little editing was required and here i am with this post which is about my mini Elle18 haul. I got inspiration to buy products from Elle18 from my fellow, beautiful and lovely blogger Megha Saraf. Thank you Megha......XOXOXO. This is her blog do check it out )
She reviewed some Elle18 products earlier which i truly loved and decided of giving Elle18 a try! So here I am with 3 gorgeous nail colors and 2 eyeliners.


  1. 3 Nail Pops in the shades 4204 and 65
  2. 2 eyeliners in the shades Purple pataka and Gun powder.
I must say i simply adore nail pops collection! I will be reviewing all these products very soon.


  1. Hey Samar thanx for the mention!

    I too love gun powder. U'll love it for sure...Please review Purple Pataka...Its looking really eye catching.

    All the shades of nail pop are new to me....Havent seen them in store. Are they new additions?

    1. The Purple Pataka is a total disaster..doesn't really look nice on the skin. I bought it and am using it as an eyeshadow now.

    2. I really didn't knew it was that bad, i haven't used it yet so once i do i will review it. Thanks.

    3. Hey Bhakti.... i did a little research to find more about "Purple Pataka" and to my amazement i found out that this jumbo pencil is actually an Eyeshadow and not a liner! No wonder why was it not functioning as a liner. I checked there FB official page and many more places and found that it's not a liner! I guess everyone including you and me thought it is a liner. Thankfully the confusion is over.

  2. Ya sure Megha i will review purple pataka very soon. i too don't have any idea whether the nail pops shades are new or the older one's!


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