Thursday, March 7, 2013

Revlon Photo Ready Compact Make Up.

Hello everyone, i am reviewing compact make up by Revlon with SPF 20 that i have been using for a very long time!!!

Cream makeup that instantly liquefies for complete coverage and superior blend-ability. Light weight powder finish. Provides perfect air brushed skin in any light. ( especially for photography )

  • Makeup filters through screen.
  • Blend with sponge ( already available inside the compact case ).
  • Apply prior to sun exposure (as this product contains SPF - 20 ).
QUANTITY- " ENORMOUS" ( I bought this compact when it was launched in the year 2011 and still have it that too in a very good state!

This product comes in a plastic black case with a small mirror and a sponge inside it. Revlon Photo ready compact makeup is absolutely fantastic as it provides medium to almost full coverage and is available in 4 shades, i am using the shade Shell which matches perfectly to my skin.It give's a powder finish to the face and blends smoothly with a sponge or even a brush. Using a brush vanishes pores,trust me!  I am also very happy with the fact that this compact makeup comes with a SPF-20! This compact makeup contains photo chromatic pigments which makes the skin look perfect under all kinds of lights. It also gives a shimmery, satin finish to the face but this is visible only if light falls on skin, this feature of the product imparts a subtle glow to the face.
The most fabulous thing about this product is, the expiration date is engraved on the container which is truly helpful as it lets you know when you have to throw it away. Mine expires in 2014! I must say, i am in deep love with this product. 

Have a look at the pictures for better understanding of the product.

Here are the pictures to show how does this compact looks on application.



  1. Blends amazingly well, providing good coverage.
  2. Smooth finish.
  3. Ultra strong lasting power especially in winters.
  4. Huge quantity of product.
  5. Provides considerable coverage for acne scars, blemishes and age spots.
  6. Imparts natural glow to the face.
  7. Totally worth the money.

  1. Oily skin tones will need to set this compact makeup with a setting powder.
  2. Simply doesn't work on dry skin.
  3. Doesn't provide enough coverage for dark circles.
  4. Compact gets messy and needs to be cleaned every now and then.
  • Use a moisturizer if you have dry skin.
  • If your skin is too oily wash your face with oil control face wash before you begin with your makeup.
  • Using brush will help minimize the appearance of pores.( use brush in circular motions)

Yes!!! this is a wonderful product with superb lasting power and i am sure you will love this compact makeup by Revlon!


  1. Sounds nice...Would love to try it :)
    Nice review Samar!

    1. Ya go ahead Megha I am sure you will like it, but remember to try the testers till you are satisfied with the shade as this product is only available in 4 shades. And yes thank you It's always good to hear from you!

  2. Nice Review Samar...seems good n I loved the Square box :p


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