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Which is better?Vaseline or Dove body lotion.

Hey are you??? hopefully doing great. This post is a comparison post between two brands that are Vaseline and Dove for their respective body lotions.Mostly girls think they should use body lotions in winters or only when their skin is dry. However using a body lotion in Summers is equally essential!Sometimes due to the extreme hot and humid weather we don't feel like wearing a body lotion as it tends to give us a sticky and clammy feeling.In view of that several brands have launched body lotions particularly for the hot season that are light weight, moisturizing and provide a fresh feeling concurrently. Hence, today i will let you know about two body lotions that are not only refreshing but also under the budget.
Vaseline or Dove body lotion.
Vaseline or Dove body lotion.
  • DOVE, go fresh nourishment body lotion-for Normal Skin, with cucumber and green tea scent, provides 24hr nourishment and revitalizes your skin. Includes natural skin nutrients and rich essential oil to help gradually improve skin starting deep down surface layers of skin and fast absorbing.
  • VASELINE, total moisture Aloe fresh lotion- leaves skin feeling light and fresh. The 24hr nourishing formula combines pure aloe + stratys, multi layer moisture.
  • DOVE- RS.80 for 100ML
  • VASELINE- RS.69 for 100ML
Vaseline or Dove body lotion.
DOVE, go fresh body lotion
Vaseline or Dove body lotion.
VASELINE, total moisture body lotion
Both the body lotions come in a plastic green and white packaging respectively, with a flip-flop cap and are travel friendly.The DOVE, go fresh body lotion is slightly green tinted whereas VASELINE, total moisture body lotion is totally white in color. DOVE , go fresh nourishment and VASELINE, total moisture body lotion provide good moisturisation, they are light plus highly vitalizing. Don't feel sticky or heavy. Although Dove, go fresh nourishment body lotion claims to absorb fast but i find Vaseline, total moisture body lotion absorb much faster into the skin. The two body lotions smell terrific but I purely love the fragrance of DOVE, go fresh body lotion that lingers onto the skin for a long time and is absolutely irresistible. On the other hand VASELINE, total moisture body lotion's fragrance vanishes with out a trace after an hour or so. I suggest you check out both the body lotions in the store before purchasing , doing so will help you find the fragrance of your choice.
Vaseline or Dove body lotion swatches
Vaseline or Dove body lotion.

I apply body lotion all over my body immediately after taking a bath.

  1. Decent moisturisation.
  2. Doesn't feel heavy.
  3. Doesn't feel clammy.
  4. Worth the money.
  5. Absorbs fast ( VASELINE, total moisture body lotion ).
  6. Smells heavenly ( DOVE, go fresh body lotion ).
  7. Fragrance lasts longer ( DOVE, go fresh body lotion ).
  8. Travel friendly.
  9. Makes you feel fresh and enlivened.
  1. Fragrance disappears after a while ( VASELINE, total moisture body lotion ).
  • Always apply body lotion after bathing , while your body is still damp. This aids the body lotion to absorb well into the skin and last by a long way.
     5/5 for DOVE, go fresh body lotion.
     4.5/5 for VASELINE, total moisture body lotion.

YES! to everyone especially for this hot and humid weather. I personally like DOVE, go fresh body lotion because of its long lasting delicate scent, nonetheless the choice is totally yours! 


  1. Love this! I think I will get the Dove one :D

    1. Thank you! I am sure you will like the Dove one.

  2. Great blog. Your blog is interesting and so informative. Wait for your next blog post.
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  3. Wow, that's what I was searching for, what a stuff! I really like the way you describe. A good body lotion is an essential part of a good skincare regime. So i regularly use sakare's body lotions.


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