Friday, May 17, 2013

Samples and their reviews! The Nature's Co.- Lip Balm.

Hello everyone! Today I am blogging about one of the samples that I received from The Nature's Co. during their Mother's Day event at Infinity Mall II, Malad, Mumbai.
I got some cool samples from The Nature's Co. and I must tell you after trying them, especially the lip balm,I have just gone crazy.................... I am undeniably going to purchase this balm in the near future. 

The balm that I got is a Black current lip balm from The Nature's Co. It's a remarkable product that not only moisturizes and softens your lips but also smells heavenly, it's delighting fragrance has captivated my heart and seems like I'll never stop loving or using this product.
I am almost done with this sample and once it's over I am going to purchase the full size product.

The full size product costs RS. 225/- for 10ML
Black Current lip balm by The Nature's Co.
Full size product.

Black Current lip balm by The Nature's Co.
The delightful Black Current lip balm sample by The Nature's Co..
Black Current lip balm by The Nature's Co.
Black Current Lip Balm sample by The Nature's Co.

I deeply love the balm's fascinating Lilac color, it's really light and cool. And BTW: I took these pictures the same day I got the samples, for that reason they look so fresh.

I recommend all of you to at least try the product at The Nature's Co. stores so that you get to know what does this Black Current balm exactly looks, smell and feels like.
Moreover, I'll do a detailed review once I purchase the full size product.

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