Monday, May 20, 2013

Is The Modern Health Care Really Touching Lives????

Hey everyone I am writing this post for the Indiblogger contest " How does modern health care touch lives?"Link to Apollo However I am not hoping to win anything for this post of mine not even the basic prize. Since I am very much sure of the fact that not many will appreciate what I have written and I am not going to make this a very long post.

How does modern health care touch lives???? How???? the equipped machinery? well qualified doctors, technicians, nurses or other hospital staff? latest technology? what exactly does modern health care even mean?? Most of us usually think hospitals with better facilities are always better and this thing is very much true, beyond doubt. The better the facilities the better diagnosis and treatment. But to what extent is this modern health care touching lives?? I personally believe not to a larger extent because if that would have been the case then people wouldn't have been loosing their lives so easily.
Before we even try understanding what is modern health care system we need to understand what exactly is "Health Care". It's nothing but the diagnosis of diseases/disorders and it's cure, prevention and treatment. 
Severe issues like malnutrition, poor sanitation, inadequate safe drinking water, women health concerns are abundant in India and these issues play a vital role in the health care system. If these issues are high in no. the more difficult it is to provide good health care. This is something that the government and everyone needs to understand. Eradicating these major issues should be the top most priority. Even the latest technology won't work until these problems are solved. 

Now when I think about the health care facilities that Apollo is providing I find it confined to just one section of the Indian population and that is the higher and middle class categories but what about the lower middle class and poor categories? Shouldn't they be getting better health care services? or just because they cannot afford the treatment they must not even think about it? What should a commoner do?
Why are hospitals in a rat race of becoming brands? instead, why don't they target at the current problem? There are many questions but in a country like India one shouldn't be expecting answers!!

Lastly, Life for most of the people is miserable, they simply can't afford their day-to-day expenses how can you even expect them to afford the so called " Modern Health Care" ????? And the most amazing thing, the shameless govt. does nothing. A common man always finding himself sandwiched between the lazy, corrupt government and increasing prices of almost everything. 
I personally believe no matter what we do, strikes, protests or anything the govt continues to ignore and the result is very much clear for all of us to see.

In my opinion the basic health care is not touching lives of millions of Indians, and modern health care is like a dream to a common man.

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