Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maybelline-Baby Lips Kiss song!

Hey everyone! I know I am a little late for this but I really wanna say "I Love My Baby Lips" oh yes you got me right! I am talking about the latest Baby lips kiss song that features Alia Bhatt. I have totally fallen for this lovely song and simply can't refrain myself from humming it every now and then. It's cheesy, vibrant and so easy to catch along!

baby lips kiss song by Maybelline
The wonderful Baby lips kiss song

This video is so fresh and full of life, Alia Bhatt looks gorgeous. Just in case if you missed it you can watch it here.Trust me it's a must watch!

Maybelline ran a campaign on Facebook asking ladies to send in their kiss sounds and 6000 kisses were incorporated into the baby lips kiss song! Isn't that amazing..................I am sure it is.
kiss, kiss, pucker and pout I love my baby lips...............

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