Friday, June 28, 2013

Vega Makeup brush Kit!

Hello girls! Hope all of you are doing great. Today I am reviewing the Vega Makeup Brush kit. Since most of you asked me to do so. Now, that I have used this kit here I am reviewing it! This is a tiny kit with some wonderful brushes that too priced so low!

Vega makeup brush set
Vega makeup brush set
PRICE- RS.225/-
QUANTITY- 5 Brushes.

These brushes come in a plastic transparent pouch in two colors, blue and red. I purchased in blue. This set is very good for beginners. And the quality of all the brushes is noteworthy. I mostly use eye shadow, eye-applicator and lip filler bushes and find them totally amazing. However, I don't really think the lip liner brush is of any use since most of us line our lips directly with the lip pencil. Hence, I suggest they replace it with some other brush that could be more useful.
These wonderful brushes are light weight and easy to carry, they also fit quite well in the makeup bag/travel pouch. 
I believe great quality brushes that too at such a low price is a steal!

Vega Blush brush
Blush brush
Vega Eye-applicator brush
Eye-applicator brush
Vega Lip-filler brush
Lip-filler brush
Vega Eye-shadow brush
Eye-shadow brush

  1. Travel friendly.
  2. Budget friendly.
  3. A very nice set of brushes for those who dont want to spend much on brushes.
  4. Good quality.
  5. User friendly.
  6. Choice of colors to choose from.
  1. The lip liner brush is of no use and I think it should be replaced.

Definitely yes! to all the beginners. I think it's essential.

Vega brush set.

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