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Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever!

Bee Gees tritube concert by Night Fever!
Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever!
Night Fever performing!
Hi everyone, Today I am blogging about a wonderful event that i recently attended! I received an invite from Ginger Claps for the Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever! And without even giving a second thought i excepted the invite. 
I must say I had a great time since it was the best thing to happen after days of hard work.
This event was organized by the Black Dog easy evenings which is the entertainment wing of Black Dog Scotch Whisky. It took place in 4 cities i.e. Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Guwahati.
The concert was held at the Corianthians Club, on 16th Nov 2013 in Pune. 
To more about this noteworthy event keep reading!

Band performing the song Night Fever.

Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever!
Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever!
 Here are 2 videos that i recorded, the songs are beautiful and i am sure you'll like them.

and here is the link of the other video Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever 2, Pune.
On of the lead singer of the band singing a romantic number!
Night Fever is the most re-known tribute band in the world. This Canadian cast tours all around the globe recreating Bee Gees magic and for the very first time they were in India! Night Fever features the vocals as well as look of Bee Gees with John Ralph as Barry Gibb, Micheal Slute as Robin Gibb and Matthew Whale as Maurice Gibb. Capturing the full history of Bee Gees, Night fever includes songs from, Jive talking, More than a woman, Night fever and many more along with the very famous Stayin' alive!

Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever!
Lost in the world of music.
I wore a black jumpsuit and teamed it up with a black cardigan from Marks and Spencer since it was really cold! And accessorized the look with pearly earrings and a wrist piece. Basically it was a simply look.
Samar Khan at Night Fever concert!
Although the concert started a bit late but trust me it was worth the wait! Night Fever started off with the song Night Fever and then went on with one after the other. They sung the romantic numbers very well that engaged all of us. They also performed some peppy numbers that couldn't stop anybody from getting to the dance floor. Honestly, the older generation enjoyed themselves to the fullest since they could reconnect to Bee Gees. And when they finally sang Stayin' alive.........i am sure you must be knowing what happened.........people were having the time of their lives, we all were singing along and dancing, nothing could have been better than this. 
Everybody was so into it that we didn't realize it's time to pack up and since we didn't wanted to, we requested for 2 more songs and guess what??? they came back to perform two more songs for us! Isn't that sweet...........certainly it is.
Lastly, I loved the way everything was organized including the lip smacking snacks and drinks! Everything was just perfect.
I was lucky enough to get some back stage clicks must say they all posed handsomely!

Host Nupur!
Host for the evening was gorgeous Nupur. She looked stunning in a shimmering gold dress.
Personally I really liked her since she was very interactive with the audience! Something that is not very common with hosts! 

Artist, Night Fever!
Artists, Night Fever!
Night Fever!
Night Fever along with the beautiful host.
I wanted to end my post with this picture since it's was a beautiful shot!. Hopefully you all enjoyed the post as much as I did covering the event! Do not forget to provide your feed back.  And do watch the videos and provide comments!Thank you so much Ginger Claps for inviting me it was a pleasure! The event was totally amazing, I enjoyed to the core and so did everybody.

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