Monday, November 11, 2013

Elle 18, Which College Festival Diva are you? Press Release.

College festivals are the place where the girls meet best friends, crushes and people they hate to love. From organizing, cheering, performing,competing and winning the festival diva must never forget to to look glamorous every step of the way. Elle18 helps you identify the best look suited to your personality. Whether you are simply cheering for your friends or leading the core team of your college, Elle18, helps you how to do it in style.  

Elle 18 Press Release.
The Peppy Cheerleader.
Elle 18 Press Release.
Girl-in-charge and the Coy chica.
Elle 18 Press Release.
The Leading Lady.

Elle 18 Press Release.
The Glowing Star.
Green grenade eye sparkler by Elle 18.
Purple pataka eye sparkler by Elle 18.
Maroon lipstick by Elle 18
Liner by Elle18.
Above are some products by Elle18 that can be used to achieve the desired looks.

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