Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lakme Radiance Compact

Hey everyone! Hope all of you are doing great! Today I will be reviewing a compact that is not only budget friendly but also easily available , It's none other than the very famous Lakme Radiance Compact! I bought this product a week a ago from a near by departmental store since my M.A.C studio foundation compact was over and I seriously had no time to visit any malls. 
To know whether this product passed or failed you got to continue reading................

Lakme Radiance compact
Lakme Radiance compact
Lakme Radiance compact  

Lakme Radiance compact
PRICE- RS.110/-

SHELL LIFE- 36months from packaging dt.

The list of ingredients is not mentioned on the product or else where!

This product comes in a cardboard like packing. Lakme radiance compact is sleek and slim with an inbuilt mirror and a puff. The packaging is mostly plastic however it's really good for the price. It has a mild fragrance which is subtle.  I purchased this compact in the shade Natural Marble which is meant for fair to wheatish skin tone. And I must say this shade suit's me really well. It blends up nicely without being chalky plus it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I am highly impressed with it's long lasting power and oil absorbing ability, i believe it's truly amazing. Although this is my first lakme compact I think I am going to love this product forever. Moreover, the finish is smooth and radiant and you can instantly see the transformation from dull skin to glowing skin that too within mins. Lastly, this compact is totally worth the money, in addition to this  Lakme Radiance Compact is loved by most of the Indian women and now I know why!!

I usually wash my face with a face wash before doing my makeup since I think it is certainly the most important step. Then I tone my skin followed by moisturizer. After doing so, I apply my regular sunscreen and wait for a while before applying the compact, I do so because I want the sunscreen to absorb into my skin. Finally, I apply the compact and do rest of my makeup.

Lakme Radiance compact closeup picture.
The first picture shows compact unblended, you can see how it looks on blending in the second pic.
  1. Travel and budget friendly. (had to keep this point on the top of the pro's list)
  2. Easily available.
  3. Long lasting.
  4. Provides instant radiance to the skin.
  5. It's not chalky or heavy on the skin.
  6. Gives smooth finish.
  7. Good quality packaging.
  8. Puff included in the compact. (unlike Bourjois healthy balance compact review here)
  9. Mattefies the skin.
  10. Easy to do touch up. 
  11. 3 Shades to choose from.
  12. Difference visible after application.
  13. Totally worth the money.
  1. The list of ingredients is not given.
  2. There could be shade issues for darker skin tone.
  • Use a moisturizer if your skin is dry before application of this compact. 
  • And Touch-up whenever required.

Do I have a choice??? Of-course YES! It's worth giving a shot. Great for college and office going girls+women.

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