Thursday, November 7, 2013

Power Light A Village Campaign by Garnier.

Our brothers at Garnier Men India have the #POWERLIGHTVILLAGE campaign in it's second phase now.

With over 400 million Indians living in absolute darkness post sunset, the campaign aims to provide solar lights, portable solar lamps and solar panels to rural households across the country.

An undeniable fact is that India is a land of paradoxes. While the affluent Indians live the best lifestyle with the fastest cars and trendiest fashion styles, close to 72 million Indians still live in darkness. 72,000 villages across India  have no access to any light!


As the "Power Light A Village" cause enters it's 2nd phase, close to 800 households in India have been benefited via the process of rural electrification, with over 1,371,700 watts generated online. The initiative has so far, received a great response on the social media platforms. Through the simple medium of social media, Garnier Men reached out to more than a million consumers and encouraged them to participate in the campaign.

Through "Power Light A Village" campaign, Garnier Men stands true to its tagline "Take Care" and making it not just a personal statement but extending to the society at large.

"I feel honored to be a part of this wonderful campaign and also consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to feature such a noteworthy initiative on my blog".
Thanks Garnier.

Do not forget to watch the above heart touching video and do provide your valuable comments.

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