Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's my fault.

Hey girlz.......You must be feeling this post is off the topic but I think it's not. I came across this video on you tube and thought of sharing it with you all. It's a much watch....... since it's your fault.

Kalki and Juhi say it's your fault and yes I feel it's purely our fault.

I have been molested in public and I made sure to beat the shit out of him and drag him to the police station. And thankfully the cops didn't tell me it wasn't my fault. I know what it feels word..........'disgusting'.
Women are humiliated and harassed by men all around the world some walk by without doing anything, some choose to tell their parents, husband or brother and in return your family asks you to 'ignore'  and very few gather the courage to fight back. 
Never be a 'VICTIM'

Have you ever been subjected to molestation, eve-teasing or any kind of harassment? If so what did you do? Or did you think 'It's your fault'?

Please provide your feed back!
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'Typical Disclaimer'
*PS[ This video is by AIB. I don't own any content of the video.]
*I haven't asked for their permission before sharing their video on my blog but I believe they won't mind since they want everyone to spread the message.  


  1. Thanks for sharing such a must share video dear.....this is high time that we stop taking this sh*t from some disgusting men.....we should get out of this mind set of ignoring such serious things....we should raise voice if something like this happens to us or to anyone else around us...

    1. I totally agree with you Rashmi!!
      Keeping quite and ignoring isn't a solution anymore!

  2. I totally loved this video when I saw it for the first time! :)

  3. Seriously this is annoying and hurting me a lot when i heard about it. Thanks foh sharing dear <3

    1. Every girl goes through this but that does doesn't mean this horrifying thing should continue.
      Raise your voice or do something. Never be a victim.

  4. An eye opener! Thanks for sharing the video

  5. I saw it some time back! Thanks for the share! :)
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