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MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners- review

MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
Hi girls....hope you all are doing well! Today I am blogging about MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners. I got them last year but but couldn't review them because of my reception.
However, here I am reviewing these pretty gel liners.

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MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
Swatches- MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
PRICE- £ 1.50 each/RS.150/-
QUANTITY- 3.5gm.
SHELL LIFE- not mentioned.

MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
Ingredient list- MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners come in transparent plastic bottle packaging with a black screw on lid and an applicator brush fixed on the top. The over all packaging quality is excellent and so is the quality of the brush. These tiny bottles are travel and budget friendly. I purchased these from MUA website in 5 shades Cute route, Dress up chic, Under the radar, Style queen and Glitzy ensemble. All the colors are great and the formula is creamy and smooth! The intensity can be built up accordingly, they feel soft on eyes, even though they are shimmery but don't make you look like a ghost and the lasting ability is good which is around 6-7 hours.
For the price that small the quantity is humungous....... I think I can never finish them up.
To finish, they are not waterproof but they don't tend to smudge even if you have oily lids and you can generate distinctive eye looks with the help of the applicator brush that comes along with every gel eyeliner. 
MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
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Under the Radar review-
  • It's brownish shimmery shade that is wonderful for creating a day look, can be worn to office or college. Compliments Indian skin tone. 
Style Queen review-
  •  This is a burgundy hue that can be used to create different looks.
Cute Route review-
  • It's a bright lilac shade that glides smoothly on the lids. It becomes opaque in 2-3 coats. Looks lovely when paired with a black eyeliner.
Dress UP Chic review-
  • It's a beautiful metallic gold color that looks stunning on eyes perfect for night looks and special occassions. The color pay off is great.
Glitzy Ensemble review-
  • A glamorous silver eyeliner that's highly pigmented and looks gorgeous on eyes.
I usually apply my black liquid eye liner and then then top up with these gel eyeliners. It mostly depends on what i am wearing by this i don't mean i match the eyeliner with my outfit but try to create different combinations.

MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
MUA Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliners
  1. Super creamy texture.
  2. Not at all drying.
  3. Buildable.
  4. Good quality packaging.
  5. Budget and travel friendly.
  6. Applicator brush provided with every gel eyeliner.
  7. The quality of the brush is decent that helps in precise application.
  8. These gel eyeliners can bring into play as eye shadows.
  9. Can be worn alone or along with a dark/black eyeliner.
  10. Contains light shimmers.
  11. Easy application.
  12. Huge quantity.
  13. Doesn't irritate eyes.
  14. Various looks can be created- Dramatic or Subtle.
  15. Lasts for good 6-7 hours.
  1. Availability is an issue.
  2. This range has been discontinued by MUA. ( I seriously wonder why?) 
  3. Shell life not mentioned.
  • You can use them all by themselves or pair them with black/dark eyeliner.
  • MUA fashion gel eyeliners can be used as eyeshadows.

YES! Only if they are available! 

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  1. Love the swatches! Wish they were so easily available in India!

    1. I totally agree with you Bush! At that price they are a steal!

  2. Pretty shades.....After reading excellent reviews about this brand by every second blogger I think it's the time to give it a try......lovely review....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. You should try out this brand Maria! Very cheap and great quality.
      You can purchase from their website!

  3. Wow, very surprised to see that they discontinued this line. It looks very pretty. The colors you own are beautiful.

    May from La Vie en May

    1. Thanks a ton May. I wish this range was still available!

  4. Cant tell you how much I love these colored liners especially the golden one.. <3 <3
    I want to have these in my stasshh! :)

    1. All the gel eyeliners are gorgeous I wish they were still available . The quality is super amazing and so is the price! To totally worth the money.

  5. Nice color and awesome photos :)


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