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Treating Acne the Natural Way

When you consider how sensitive one’s skin can be it’s hard to imagine that over-the-counter treatments that are filled with chemicals is the way to go to treat acne. For those who have a problem with acne, herbal remedies will offer the treatment that you’re looking for without all of the harsh chemicals that may actually make your problem worse.

With all of the commercials and advertisements offering up quick fixes and practical miracles thanks to some of the mass-manufactured treatments—all conveniently available for the low price of only *fill in the blank* and with free shipping when you buy two or more—it’s not hard to get sucked in. It is easy to understand why someone may be tempted to go that route, but truthfully, people were dealing with acne long before any of the so-called miracle cures were even invented. Botanical and herbal remedies for acne and other skin issues were the only option for years and years so why not go back to that natural and healthy way of treating our skin? What we do know about herbal remedies is that they offer the purest and most natural way to clear your skin and when it comes to acne; the less stuff you put on your skin the better.

For those looking for some simple and natural ways to care for their skin and reduce their acne, the following options are worth considering:

Tea Tree Oil

This natural antibacterial agent has been said to work wonders on acne because it kills bacteria including Propionibacterium acnes, which is the bacteria that causes acne breakouts. According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, gels with 5 percent tea tree oil might be as effective as topical acne lotions that contain 5 percent benzoyl peroxide, even if it does work a little slower. You can find bottles of tea tree oil in most health and drug stores. To use tea tree oil on acne all you need to do is dilute a drop or two of the oil with equal parts water and apply to the skin using a cotton ball or pad.

Saw Palmetto

Though it has long been used as a way to naturally treat prostate problems in men thanks to its effects on hormones; saw palmetto has been shown to help with acne as well. Saw palmetto is said to help balance hormone levels which can be responsible for acne, especially the kind related to puberty and menstruation.
Saw Palmetto for acne treatment is not FDA approved however they neither forbid it's use.
I would suggest before treating yourself with this particular herbal remedy you should consult a doc!  


Citrus fruits contain alpha hydroxyl acids that are known to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. Applying citrus extract or pure juice of a citrus fruit could get rid of acne as well as reduce the appearance of acne scars. Just be aware that applying it to the skin could cause some mild irritation and redness.
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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has long been said to improve acne and help clear up a variety of conditions, including those related to the skin. People drink it as well as apply it to the skin for various reasons. In regard to acne, apple cider vinegar offers the benefits of a natural astringent that helps to clean the skin and clear clogged pores.

Since these acne herbal remedies are all-natural, they are safe to use anywhere on the body where acne is a problem. While acne is most common on the face, you can also get it on other parts of the body such as the back, shoulders, chest, and buttocks. These remedies can be safely applied to these areas in the same manner so that you can keep your acne in check from head to toe.

You can learn more about acne and other skin problems by clicking here.

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Now that we all know that acne can be treated naturally then why opt for chemical based treatments?
If you are suffering from acne do give the above mentioned natural treatments a try!
Feel free to ask questions if you have any.
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  1. acv works for me. lovely article dear!

  2. Very nice post...I have read mixed reviews about tea tree oil....will give it a try and ACV too....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. Thanks Maria! Simple home remedies make a lot of difference.

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  4. I use Tea tree oil sometimes great post Samar :)

    1. Thanks a bunch Radha! I am sure Tea Tree helps with you with acne

  5. Nice post dear!

  6. Lovely post dear! I agree tea tree is really great for acne..I have used a couple of products with tea tree in works well :)

    1. Thanks a bunch Richa! Tea Tree is certainly a wonderful product to treat acne.

  7. I have used The Body Shop's Tea Tree oil and found it awesome. I would request you to review more The Body Shop products. To know more about the product line you can visit

    1. Thank you so much Tanya! I'll review more The Body Shop products don't forget to tune in!


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